My main thing to post about is usually my chemical romance but it could come down to bands like Mindless Self Indulgence, Panic! At The Disco, Blood on the dance floor, Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Suicide Silence, Bring me the horizon, Jeffree Star, and much much more, just follow me to find out! :)

No rude or weird questions. If you want me to define weird, it's Kingsley fan base related questions. No asking if I would like to eat my dog or my cat. But have fun with the questions! :D

WARNING: I do not like Justin Bieber Nor One Direction Nor any Pop or Rap music. If you follow me and you like one of those expect not to get a follow back and if you ask me for one or beg expect to get violently verbally vomited on.

WARNING: I don't take pictures down if you start whining that it's your picture and I didn't give you credit. I probably saw it on another sight and posted it. I don't care. You should feel honored it's on my Tumblr.

Ask me questions you fuckers! I love questions!

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The Panty Shots of Lindsey Way

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i still cant believe that gerard way and his wife looked at their newborn baby and decided to name it “bandit”. these two punk rockers are adorable but they shouldn’t have been allowed to make that decision. i hope when their daughter grows up she smacks them for having such terrible taste. bandit lee way. christ

What the fuck is your problem? Both of them are artists and the name is very creative. Everybody LOVES that name. It’s unique. Frank named one of his kids Cherry. So get over it or shut the fuck up.

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Photo Post Thu, Apr. 17, 2014 He can PUN-ish me all he wants.

He can PUN-ish me all he wants.

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Bass Princess

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